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  • About This Artist

    Dana Reed is a local Chicago artisan who began making jewelry while earning her degree in Graphic Design. Her hobby quickly grew into a business in 2002. Eventually, her handmade artisan collection evolved from beaded to metalsmithed jewelry. Mixing metals and textures can be found throughout her collections. She designs for the woman who wants to set herself apart from others.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I enjoy combining the exotic elements of many cultures with art deco influenced geometrics and ultrachic textures which I often achieve using a rolling mill, hydraulic press and various hammers. Pieces come together on my bench as elements find each other through proximity, association, and chance.

    A: I love texture and mixing metals, especially oxidized sterling with 22k gold. The contrast between the two metals is eye catching. I try to combine elements in a way that has an urban edge yet is sophisticated and feminine.

    A: My work is often described as unique due to its organic, rough beauty. I use reticulation throughout my collections and the beauty of it is the unexpected textures achieved leaving each piece a one of a kind.

    A: I am always experimenting with texture and pushing metals beyond their melting and breaking points. I embrace the happy accident! I enjoy hammering a piece of metal and watching how it moves, how each strike can change the direction of the metal. I love watching silver heat up to the melting point, liquify and then crinkle as you take the torch away. I'm always fascinated when I oxidize a marriage of metals piece, how the gold remains gold, yet the silver turns black.

    A: My husband, Scott, has helped shaped my artistic practice. He is a very artistic person himself and from the beginning, he took metalsmithing classes with me and always pushed me to take my designs one step further. We have worked together for over 10 years and he has always encouraged me to take risks, make time for creativity and when in doubt, add a few diamonds.

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