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  • About This Artist

    I am a graduate of RISD and currently live and work in Rhode Island. My focus is on creating one of a kind and limited production highly textural and organically formed sterling silver and 18k gold jewelry. My sculptural work channels the rhythm and forces of nature into beautiful bold tactile pieces. The natural elements that surround us are translated into pieces that can be worn daily as a reminder of the world we live in. I intend for my jewelry to be not only adornment, but also a statement, a shield, or a sculpture for the body.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Most of my work is carved in wax and cast into precious metal. I also employ the techniques of fabrication and forming.

    A: I love the permanence, symbolism, strength and glow of precious metals. I also love the hypnotic feel of manipulating metal with fire.

    A: Insert large bag of nuts emoji here!

    A: The moments when you have the ability to create a thing that really wants and needs to exist in the world are the best. Finding and creating the perfect balance of an object, while rare is what I strive for.

    A: Always David Bowie.

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