Craft x Fun

Curated by Eli Winkelman, CRAFT

About the Collection:
Every piece in this collection immediately evoked either a smile of delight or a sense of utter astonishment. The artists' commitment to craft -- the precision and care in every technical step of their processes -- is evident, and balanced with their abilities to infuse their chosen media with playfulness and enjoyment, these pieces make a case for taking fun and beauty seriously. In the end, this collection feels, to us, like a wonderful hug from someone who's a really good hugger.

About the Curator:           
CRAFT is a walk-in arts and crafts studio for grown-ups in Austin. With the goals of making creativity more accessible and reducing the environmental impact of hobby crafting, CRAFT applies the sharing economy model to art supplies. Our mission to be "everyone's craft room" has also led to the profound responsibility of cultivating a safe space where people feel comfortable and happy.