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    I strive to create lighthearted, joyful ceramics that are sturdy enough for daily use. I am fascinated by process and repetition and enjoy discovering subtle ways to refine my craft. Each piece is handmade, on the potter's wheel or by slab building, and hand painted, ensuring they all have a unique personality. My work is important to me because it facilitates meaningful connections between people and their environments. A handmade mug can make a mundane routine into a treasured moment.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Each piece is hand formed from stoneware clay and painted with a combination of underglazes and glazes. All of the surface designs are initially drawn freehand and then painted with glaze applicators and a series of brushes.

    A: I am fascinated by the tactility and process of clay. The ability to capture shapes in a fluid material and preserve that essence in a fired, durable form is an endless source of inspiration and joy in my artistic process. I am also drawn to clay because of the physical connection it has with the user. The challenge of designing a piece that is not only pleasing to the eye but also to the hand has kept me engaged since the first time I was exposed to clay as a child.

    A: I draw and paint all of my designs by hand. I am often asked if I use stamps or stencils. While I don't have any issue with those tools I prefer to draw and paint each piece freehand so my designs can grow and strengthen as I develop my skills from piece to piece.

    A: I am a part-time teacher at a community ceramics studio. Seeing everyone from countless different backgrounds, at different stages of life, all come together over the shared love of clay is powerful. Those different stories and perspectives create a vibrant space full of unique art that inspires and challenges us to think about something as simple as clay from wildly different perspectives.

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