Curated by Carol Eckert

About the Collection:
“Connections” includes objects that deal with concepts related to basketry, and celebrates the interconnections between artists working across a wide range of disciplines.  While a number of artists in this special collection would not consider themselves basketmakers, they are linked to the field by their interest in texture, structure, form, and volume, as well as by references to woven structures, or attention to the intricacy and patterning often evident in basketry works.  These artists work with a wide variety of materials:  clay, glass, metal, paper, plastics, and wood; along with materials more commonly associated with basketry, such as bamboo, rattan, cane, and gathered plant fibers.  While a number of these works reference the vessel form which is so closely linked to basketry, they also represent a range of approaches that reflect NBO’s central vision of a broad, embracive view of basketry.

About the National Basketry Organization:           
The National Basketry Organization is an inclusive community of makers and enthusiasts whose purpose is to promote awareness, inspire creativity and foster appreciation for the heritage and artistry of basketry. Our community embraces a continuum of makers, from those who celebrate basketry’s traditional roots to those stretching the boundaries.

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