Clouds and Ladders

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    I make jewelry that is an embodiment of inspiration from both the manmade and natural worlds. Soldered brass shapes= architecture/design history. Colorfully patterned handmade clay interiors = the natural world (landscapes, celestial, etc). I believe artisan crafts represent hope. Hope for quality over quantity in a world where our environment is being ravaged for consumerism. Hope for beauty/peace when there is ugliness in politics, cultural injustices, and personal struggles.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I use brass and polymer clay. I purchase most of my supplies from sellers on Etsy because I like to support small businesses. I hand solder most of the brass frames, but others I have cast from an original that I solder first (the person who does my casting is located in SF.) I then fill each brass frame with polymer clay, bake it, glue it in place , sand it and tumble it multiple times, seal the clay, polish and finally, assemble each piece.

    A: I like to make beautiful jewelry that is still affordable, so by using the materials I do, it makes my final product accessible to a variety of people. I love the strength and ease of working with brass as a metal, contrasted against the soft, colorful, matte finish of the clay. I like that most people when they think of the materials I use, don't think of high quality, well made jewelry, and my jewelry defies their expectations. I like that the materials are flexibility and with some mastery of them, you can achieve really surprising results.

    A: Interacting with people on Instagram, pushing myself to improve my technique, my ability to create a cohesive collection, keeping my designs true to myself but in touch with what's happening in the rest of the craft, fashion, and design worlds.

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