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    At Cloud 9 Stitching, I create quilts and other sewn goods with linen, leather and plant dyes. The subtle hues and austere nature of the high desert and mountains surrounding my studio in New Mexico inspire the palettes and textures of my pieces. I aim for an aesthetic of refined simplicity - quiet and calm in contrast to an otherwise busy world. It is my goal to create objects that are beautiful, functional, and finely-crafted. It is my hope that they bring a little bit of joy to others.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I use natural plant dyes on linen and cotton, as well as veg-tanned leather and brass or copper hardware. I source much of my dye materials from local businesses, such as avocado pits from a Mexican restaurant in Santa Fe, and pomegranate skins from an orchard in Artesia. I usually do a large dyeing session outside, to create a decent amount of yardage of each color. I then use the resulting fabric to sew individual pieces.

    A: I’m deeply drawn to the color palette that can be achieved with natural dyes. They’re subtle, ethereal, almost transcendent, yet, at the same time, they are very earthy and grounded in the natural world around us right now. The textures of linen have the same qualities, so, to me, natural dye on linen is the perfect combination. A lot of people assume that I choose to work with natural dyes because of the toxicity of commercial dyes. Non-toxicity is definitely a good thing as far as I’m concerned, but to be honest, it was a choice based primarily on aesthetics.

    A: As is always the case, what keeps me inspired is the desire and drive to create beautiful objects. At this specific time, the change of season is giving me a fresh burst of motivation for dyeing, as the promise of new growth is in the air. All of the fresh sprouts, leaves and blooms that will lead to new colors...

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