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  • About This Artist

    Love of landscape and natural forms continuously prove to be the focal source of inspiration in all of Charlotte's work: earth-inspired handcrafted handbags and earrings of felted wool and wood; naturally wearable and aesthetically timeless apparel design incorporating artisan techniques and natural fibers; and her original mixed-media art form, Microscapes, a meditation on the harmonious beauty and form within nature. Charlotte has received an ACC award of Excellence Fiber Art (Atlanta 2019)

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Materials include: Wood, Cork, Wool, Silk, Cotton, Linen, Acrylic, Stones. Processes include laser cutting, hand sewing, Machine sewing, felting.

    A: I try when possible to choose eco-conscious materials. Apart from that I am heavily influenced by the textures that naturally occur when using specific materials and how they stand out when used in collaboration with other materials that possess contrasting qualities.

    A: Exploring new materials and techniques.

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