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  • About This Artist

    Love of landscape and natural forms continuously prove to be the focal source of inspiration in all of Charlotte's work: earth-inspired handcrafted handbags and earrings of felted wool and wood; naturally wearable and aesthetically timeless apparel design incorporating artisan techniques and natural fibers; and her original mixed-media art form, Microscapes, a meditation on the harmonious beauty and form within nature. Charlotte has received an ACC award of Excellence Fiber Art (Atlanta 2019)

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: traditional and Modern techniques are combined to make one of a kind items that feel both contemporary and hand crafted. Processes include Nuno felting, laser cutting, and hand stitching.

    A: The versatility in what I can do with the mediums I work with makes me passionate about them.

    A: Materials that are usually not combined often come together in my work.

    A: The small shifts in material while an item is being made bring a lot of wonder to the experience of making the things I do.

    A: Nature is always my main inspiration, but I do get very inspired by architecture. Namely Frank Lloyd Wright.

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