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  • About This Artist

    Carrie George Leather sets out to make strong, long lasting bags for everyday use, work and travel. The bags are made with 100% leather, solid brass and are all hand sewn. This takes longer, but ensures an extremely solid interlocking of the thick waxed thread making the bags very durable. Craft is a toil, a type of hard work that makes useful objects beautiful. It brings about a smile, a sense of peace as we all go about our daily lives.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I use 100% leather, solid brass and waxed nylon thread. I aim to to use domestic materials in my work for a few purposes. One, I feel strongly that in order to stand behind the quality that I promise, I choose to support craftspeople that have skillfully produced their materials. I love sourcing my leather from some of the oldest tanneries in the US that proudly document their tanning processes. Also, sourcing close to home cuts down on my carbon footprint. I conceptualize and produce all of my patterns. None of them are stock or prefabricated. Once conceptualized, I make the pattern and then set the bag in motion. My bags are made by hand. Every stitch.

    A: Bag making is an ancient craft. The thought of the handbag as a tool has always been fascinating to me. Is there any accessory that is older and that has been more helpful to the human community? I feel like handbags might be as old and as pivotal as the wheel. I could save countless hours of work by using machine processes but making my pieces by hand connects me with the past where things were made with more care and intention.

    A: Easy first answer: cooking. Secondly answer: keeping conversations going with friends and colleagues around art and culture.

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