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  • About This Artist

    I am a contemporary jeweler, with background in graphic design, feminist, queer, Brazilian and currently living in Pacifica/CA. I make one-of-a-kind sculptural pieces inspired by nature, memories and emotions. The jewelry I create is an invitation to be curious, imaginative, to appreciate life and its diversity. Life is not flat, unanimous or universal. It is about movement, perspectives, points of view, coexistence. Looking at different viewpoints always broadens the vision of the whole.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: The main materials I have been working with are polymer clay, resin, and metals. In contrast to the plastic/industrial aspect of matter, I imprint the organic in each unique detail made by free hand. I like to work without molds, letting the shapes arise more intuitively in its own and particular existence. Humanity, nature and life are fluid, impermanent, spectacularly multiple. I bring this beauty of diversity into my work through contrasts, asymmetry, textures, perspectives and colors.

    A: Creative thinking, working with my hands and expressing myself through my body have been part of my identity since I was a child. Art for me is a way to expand my mind, learn new things, communicate with people, exchange ideas and also help me with my mental health. I love what I do and I want to share my creations as symbols to amplify other plural personalities.

    A: I grew up in a very troubled family environment. My childhood and adolescence were a whirlwind of extremes: pain and relief, sadness and joy, darkness and light, despair and art! I experimented with several handmade creations: I hand painted t-shirts, sewed clothes for both my dolls and myself, made flower arrangements, played instruments, used to graffiti, drew, and made accessories. As a self-expression, a self-belonging and also as a way to help with my house income.

    A: My influences come from many universes such as makeup, performance, queerness, nature, feelings, music, films, festivals. To name a few, the drag queen Crystal Methyd, the musician Bjork, the gender non-conforming writer and artist Alok V-Menon. I like to mix humor, color, glitter, strangeness in resistance to oppressive social norms and structures. I feel at home in a community who celebrates diversity, creativity and weirdness.

    A: I have been part of a Latin American online study group mentored by Jorge Manilla. As a foreign living in another culture and language, trying to find my place, I felt welcomed by this group of jewelry artists. It is a space to debate, share processes and grow together. Even more considering this sad pandemic moment we are going through. Once again art and the connections it brings have been a support for me and others.

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