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  • About This Artist

    Driven by a love for the materials she employs, Carol Irving weaves bright, stimulating images into her rugs for floor or walls. She seeks to convey her passion for fiber, color, and design brought together in excellent craftsmanship. Designs range from very contemporary and geometric to organic shapes and images. “I am committed to excellent craftsmanship so that my rugs are not only functional but pleasing to look at.” Her work is striking, visually bold and tactile in its intricate detail.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Carol’s woven design process starts with an image that can be translated to design software and then printed out to be used at the loom. All of her designs are her own and her color choices are often decided while the weaving progresses. She can often be found surrounded by many cones of colorful yarns, combining just the right colors to weave her designs. One of the advantages of the weaving technique that she uses, is that the weaving is often reversible, resulting in two very different looks.

    A: I have been a weaver for as long as I can remember. I am driven by a love for the materials I employ, and enjoy weaving bright and stimulating images into my work. As an artist I seek to convey my passion for fiber, color, and design brought together in excellent craftsmanship. I work with 2 Michigan businesses, a reseller and a carpet manufacturer. The carpet manufacturer is repurposing unused yarn in their manufacturing process, so everyone benefits in their waste minimization! By the way, the yarn is a quality product and comes in so many colors! The yarn is wool or a wool blend, a product of New Zealand, and commercially dyed. It is perfect for my rugs for floors and walls!

    A: Carol weaves her own unique images into cloth. Her work is decorative, multi-layered, and complex. One of the advantages and surprises of the weaving technique that she uses, is that the textile is often reversible, resulting in a light side and a dark side. Carol will often have a preference on what she considers to be the front or back, but of course that is up to the owner or collector of the work.

    A: Inspiration comes from many places and I'm always thinking of new designs to explore. I'm very influenced by nature, by design, yarns and color. I also like the symmetry and geometric shapes of many indigenous craft, these types of images inspire me as well. I’m always exploring magazines for color and design ideas. Almost anything can turn into inspiration, like the glaze on a ceramic plate by a fellow artisan which was the inspiration for the yarn choices in a woven piece “WaterFall”.

    A: Kinship in American Craft can take different forms. For me, designing and weaving help me to form a kinship with my collectors and other viewers of my weaving. It’s a great way to open a dialogue and conversation. Another kinship is formed during my research and design process as I’m collecting nuggets of information to help inform me of what I want to “say” in my design and weaving.

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