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    My respect for fine tailoring and love of natural fabrics has lead me to menswear. I make over shirts , soft jackets and scarves for men .Im using high quality wool , silk and wool blends ,cashmere and cashmere blends. I graduated Fashion Institute of Technology with and associates and bachelor degree in Fine Arts. My first job was at Halston. I developed a mens sportswear line. I started my own design business in 1986 and have been doing it ever since. I love to design and sew !

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I first have an idea and I sketch it. Then I work on a paper pattern. This usually take a while .I might drape the style or use an exiting pattern of mine and make changes. Then I will cut the garment and make one ,make an adjustment or two. When I'm happy with the style I will grade it in to sizes .I may cut 8-12 pieces of a style to sell in different sizes.

    A: I love the fabrics very much. I also enjoy seeing people in the garments that I have made. That is satisfying.

    A: It's the quality and the details. I am using soft high end fabrics such as wools and cashmeres. The details include dyed to match buttons ,stay buttons on the back for every button ,and keyhole button holes. I offer some free alterations, too. Every part of the shirt is matched .All plaids match. Because the buttons raw material is nuts, and the fabrics are natural fibers .I have a biodegradable product.

    A: I watch people and trends. Working for Halston inspired me in a way I was unaware of. I went to a retrospective of his life and work two years ago at the Nassau county Art Museum, only to see in many photos that he was always wearing an ultrasuede shirt jacket. It must have influenced me somehow.

    A:  The art of discovery is something that I think binds us. Whether its a fellow artist that has work that inspire me or might say something about what I do. It's also the customers who is so happy to have found me and my designs. Men are especially grateful to find something at a craft event that is meant for them personally.

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