C. H. Mackellar

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Meet the Artist

  • About This Artist

    Christine MacKellar is a British born jeweler living and working in Brooklyn. MacKellar calls her work Urban Organic; her inspiration is nature cross pollinated with an urban sensibility. She believes that objects, made with singular consideration and attention, bring a special resonance and warmth to the lives of those experiencing them, and forge a connection between the maker and the collector.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Gold and silver with natural stone materials. Recyled metal and responsibly sourced gems.

    A: Jewelry is endlessly fascinating - I use silver and gold primarily because I love their chameleon qualities; hard materials that can look hard or soft depending on surface treatments altering color and surface texture; hard materials that are both malleable, ductile and durable.

    A: I am always nourished and inspired by the process of transformation each time a new piece reaches completion and emerges into the world. During this strange hiatus I have been refining and adding to my skill set.

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