Broken Plates

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  • About This Artist

    Gillian Preston is a glass artist working out of Pittsburgh, where she creates her line of glass jewelry, Broken Plates. Broken Plates is a line of contemporary glass wearables that combines traditional blown glass techniques with modern CNC technologies. She earned her BFA in glass from the CIA. Today, she sells her glass wearables to retailers internationally and continues to lean on the developing technologies available in order to streamline her production and expand the breadth of her work.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Glass is magical...if you master the science of how to work with it, you are forever rewarded with how it plays with light, texture, and color in new and surprising ways.

    A: I'm endlessly inspired by repetition, be it in nature or a manmade object. I think this is because I'm incredibly process driven and love how something small, when created in repetition, can create impactful structures and images, otherwise impossible to make from any one thing.

    A: I was recently able to blow glass for the first time since social distancing practices began last march. Doing so, reminded me how important the physicality of blowing glass is to generating new ideas and processes to try.

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