Bri Larson

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  • About This Artist

    As a BFA graduate from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, I currently make functional pottery in New England, though I remain a Midwesterner at heart. Pots are thrown on the wheel and adorned with colorful clays and bold lines. My pottery is an invitation to take notice of small details in daily life while honoring them through patterned imagery. Through the use of my work, I invite people to celebrate the handmade and build connections every day through their food and beverage rituals.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I use a mid-range porcelain sourced from my local pottery supply store. I throw the majority of my work on a potter's wheel and combine it with colored clay and playful imagery to create my body of work. For my decoration process, I hand draw every detail using an Xacto knife and inlay colorant into the pattern. I then wipe away all the colorant and this just leaves the pattern and imagery I drew visible in the porcelain. All pottery is fired and glazed in an electric kiln.

    A: I love the intimacy and usefulness of pottery and how a mug or bowl can be an object someone interacts with on a daily basis.

    A: The craft community constantly inspires me. It is a supportive community with many opportunities to connect with each other, even during these remote times. It is wonderful to be part of a studio collective where I can see my colleagues working on their own exciting projects (socially distant and masked, of course). The craft of pottery itself is nourishing. Considered among the oldest technologies, it brings me a sense of continuity and peace to be continue such a tradition.

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