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Meet the Artist

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  • About This Artist

    Boyang Teng was born in Beijing, China. She went to Savannah College of Art and Design to study Jewelry in BFA and MFA. Her purpose of art is to create beauty, bring to enjoy beauty. She attention to detail, in pursuit of perfection, has a unique aesthetic vision. She likes to fabricate stories of colors, also has an excellent artistic foundation, and pay attention to color emotion. That is why her works are colorful, playful, and enjoyable, make people reverie, and feel refreshing.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: My work I am not using traditional jewelry materials; my work uses polymer clay and acrylic paint. Polymer clay as a base; after that, I’m coloring the surface with acrylic paint. Highly saturated acrylic paint can bring vibrant color to the surface. I am adding various details on the clay by using micro glass beads, plastic, glass ball, and crystal; finally, glazed with resin.

    A:  Traditionally jewelry uses precious and fragile materials to deliver color to give vibrant to surface, using metal as the base. Because of the value and accessibility, it is not everyday objects. So I like to bring these using different materials and techniques; I believe polymer clay has unlimited possibilities, especially ductility and plasticity. Acrylic paint has a wide variety of colors, which can bring more possibilities to work.

    A: Color and texture are like language to me. Emotions are the channel of self-expression; it is a way to express our deepest feelings. Color can trigger different parts of a human’s brain; it is a way to record life. I believe color is irreplaceable; it becomes a way for me to express myself. the texture and colors are the main focus on my work. The strong contrast of color and texture brings emotions and memories into my work. And the viewer ’s reaction and feelings also became part of my work.

    A: Even though we have come from different cultural backgrounds and different races, the craft is a medium that links us. Because we have a common philosophy of design, creation, and innovation, this will resonate with people across cultures.

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