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  • About This Artist

    I work out of my little house in a small town in the far northern woods of MN. It is filled with plants, rocks, bones, and tons of art made by hands- all things I have gathered to remind me of where I've been. I spent many years in Minneapolis making custom jewelry and moved here 5 years ago to get a little time and space and concentrate on my own designs. I have pushed my limits and this layered lace work is the result.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A:  The layered elements are wires woven using lacemaking techniques or altered fine mesh, which I layer between sapphire sheets (watch crystals) and high quality epoxy made for glass work. The epoxy hardens to be almost as hard as stone so I cut it on lapidary equipment to add the facets. The rest of my work is made with brass and silver, every piece is hand constructed out of wires and sheet. I live on the Iron Range of far northern Minnesota, this is where they got most of iron used in WW2 and is a geologically fascinating area. The glaciers basically turned over the crust of the earth so we have easy access to some of the oldest rocks. I collect and cut iron banded jasper, greenstone, and agates from Lake Superior.

    A: I always wanted to make things with my hands, I was a kid who went to woodworking camp. I didn't start being passionate about jewelry because it's jewelry. The jewelry part, or the metal part, is not the center. I have come to love the small, precise tools because I put in the time with them. I can reliably make them do what I want and produce what is in my mind. I have also come to love the problems particular to jewelry- durability, comfort, beauty, and making something that is going to be worn. It comes from how I am, passionate doesn't quite sound right- sitting down at a workbench and being able to bring an idea into the world is meditation for me. It's essential.

    A: I started working in construction about a year ago, just before Covid. Initially I was just going to do the more meticulous work, caulking and trim finishing and stain matching, maybe a couple days a week. I could learn a thing or two and get some work done on my house in exchange. Once Covid got really real I decided to take on more of that work to try to fill my time. I ended up with an insulated workshop and a basic understanding of how to frame a building. So, currently I'm being nourished by a year of learning completely new skills. I'm hoping to use some of them in my jewelry work in the coming years, but for now it's the reminder of what it is to be bad at something. The need to practice and refine a new skill is exciting and humbling. I feel less afraid to try new processes in my jewelry work because I've been learning new processes all year. And I'm a lot more confident on scaffolding.

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