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    I spent a dozen years in Minneapolis as a custom jeweler with a line of hand sawed lines and twisted silver items. I became ready for a quieter life and left for the north woods of Minnesota. Walking in the woods and concentrating on my own work led to a mixing of styles inspired by my time in the city and the forest. I added touches of brass to the wires and took a geometric turn. Everything is handmade of sterling silver, brass, or gold and features a variety of hand cut, local stones.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I roll silver wires flat, bend and twist then fuse the metal where it meets. Brass details are added as I go along, tying it all together. They are tarnished completely black and I brush off the high points to bring out the details. For my cell pieces I've been learning lace-making techniques for fine wire weaving to make the mesh elements. I take those delicate wire pieces and flatten them. Then I sandwich them between sapphire sheets with epoxy that allows me to cut the result like a stone.

    A: I love figuring things out, so adding new materials and processes is what keeps me engaged. It takes a lot of time to become familiar enough with a material that I can stop thinking about it while I work, but once that happens I get excited to find a new way to use it or a new material to push the idea even further. That never ending process of adding skills and materials is absolutely my favorite thing about doing this work.

    A: I took some work with a contractor to help get through Covid, so I'm now an over 40 year old, female, novice construction worker a couple days a week and a jeweler the rest of the time. I'm really interested in how different these ways of constructing things are- each is teaching me better ways to think about the other one.

    A: I find wonder in the work of other makers, seeing the huge variety of items made from other perspectives brings me a lot of joy. The idea that I get to throw my ideas into the ring with them is wonderful to me.

    A: There have been many of these people over the years, the newest one is my boss at the construction company. Learning the ways he thinks about how to build something has been eye opening, he has 30 years of experience in a huge variety of builds and it means he has so much practical knowledge that I am learning something new every day.

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