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    I design and weave fine wearables. My colors are inspired by where I live: the shifting tides and twilights of midcoast Maine. My 8-shaft floor looms are uncomputerized; operated by hand, foot, mind, and heart. My material is Tencel: yarn spun from eco-friendly eucalyptus; strong, lustrous, biodegradable. My handwoven scarves and wraps are worn by You: of any age or gender, for a dramatic statement or for daily delight and comfort. A pleasure to weave; a pleasure to wear. Handwash, cool water.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: First comes color inspiration (twilight; surf). Then design and calculations. Wind a warp, telling a color narrative. Beam it to the loom. Thread 100s of heddles per chosen structure (cascading twill to propel energy; lace to uplift highlights) but improvise color placement, one thread at a time. Sley reed; secure warp taut. Load bobbins of color, breathe deeply, tromp the treadles while throwing the weft, beating between each shot. Continue with focus and joy. Cut, fringe, wash, press.

    A: Tencel my favorite material to weave: yarn spun from eucalyptus wood pulp in a “closed-loop” (hence low environmental impact) process. I started experimenting with Tencel thinking I was on my way to working with silk but decided this is my fiber: sturdy, lustrous, vegan, and biodegradable. Cool enough to wear in summer; soft for cozying in winter. It’s the only material I work in. And the scraps go on my compost heap, into my vegetable garden.

    A: People ask if I dye my own yarn. I don’t. I live on an island. Even with proper protections I would rather not handle dyes or put their residues here. I trust the companies from whom I source yarn. Perhaps if I could toss the yarn into the ocean and reel it in turquoise, or fling it into the sky and gather in the twilight shades. I prefer to devote my artistry to the complexities of weaving, and I actually achieve the color gradations I am after with my thread-by-thread improvisations.

    A: The ocean.

    A: We're all a family under one sky.

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