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  • About This Artist

    Blavk Jewelry exists as an exploration of sacred adornment, specifically focusing on its capacity to provide protection and a sense of control for Black people. I am most interested in the overlap of adornment and armor, jewelry as literal and physical protection. My practice focuses on the creation of symbols along with utilizing natural minerals and gemstones to continue the tradition of adorning one’s body with symbols for safety and power.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: A majority of my work is made through sawing and piercing sheet metal. Creating strips of metal that reference the way water shapes coastlines. Most pieces start out as rough sketches and are refined while working with metal in real time. I incorporate semi-precious gemstones for their metaphysical properties and to raise the energetic force of a piece.

    A: Metalsmithing is a form of meditation and healing for me, and being able to share that healing and intentional energy with others is definitely top of mind when creating work. I'm always considering how certain metals and gemstones make me feel and how powerful it may make someone else feel.

    A: I think one of the unique things about the way I work is my approach to custom pieces. I create customs for people based on their emotional and spiritual needs. Every custom starts with a questionnaire focused on their relationship to healing and an area of concern in their life. I later confer with spirit by way of tarot and oracle cards to see what messages they have for my client. Based on that information a design is created that fits within the clients budget and addresses their needs.

    A: My work is heavily influenced by my spiritual practice, and because of this I'm constantly searching for and reading books on sacred adornment and the history of gemstones through the ages. I'm also incredibly influence by islands, the Caribbean because of my heritage but also to the island of Iceland. I think a lot about the natural world while creating this current body of work.

    A: I don't have a particular story per se but I will say being able to look at craft pieces from different cultures from various times in history give us a glimpse into the priorities, needs and areas of importance for a culture. We learn so much about people through craft and the ways they innovated to problem solve.

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