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    Whatever the design, every piece of furniture I make has its own look, its own personality, based on subtle differences in the grain, or the angles, or the "feel" of the wood. Functionality also matters to me. Furniture should do what it is supposed to do. A chair, for example, doesn't need to shout "I'm art", but it does need to look appealing and feel comfortable.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I sketch out an idea on paper-- a new design or a refinement of an existing piece. Maybe draw out on a computer. Figure out the material I need. Cut. Paste. Sand. Finish. Done.

    A: Wood. It is strong. It finishes beautifully. It is unique in that each plank has its own grain, figure and tone. And it has a certain malleability whether shaping or bending that allows me to create interesting shapes.

    A: No matter how long I do this work, I still find the compliments unexpected. I get people who call up after sitting in one of my rockers somewhere, saying they have a bad back and my rocker fits them perfectly. One of my customers writes novels and ordered two of my swivel chairs for her home and away office. People at craft shows exclaim, once they sit in one of my chairs, how comfortable they feel. Some add: "I never thought it would be so comfortable-- it's just wood."

    A: A small example: A desk chair with no arms and a fixed back (no spindles). Problem, it just didn't feel right. When you moved in the seat, the small crest didn't seem to fit. I pondered this for a while. Then thought about skateboards, and computer printers. And ball bearings, and rods, and rails, and linear motion-bearing blocks, and came up with a way to allow the back to tilt on a fixed post as you moved. Problem solved (and fun to make.)

    A: George Nakashima, Sam Maloof, Hans Wegner and Finn Juhl, Frank Lloyd Wright, Frank Gehry. Master craftsmen and artists who saw the architectural beauty and delight in designing and building furniture and other things.

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