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    I was born and raised in India, it has taken me a long while to be able to do what I want. Culture, history, symbols, motifs, architecture, evolution, nature, colors, texture, books, anything, can capture my attention, I allow my self to be drifted, as these influences always leave me with something ~ ideas, forms, impressions, sketches, designs or words. I do not strive for perfection, but to be in the flow, to be dictated by the moment and whatever that leads me to, I keep it as a gift.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I slip cast my work, my drawing goes as screen prints ( I use japanese paper for it), later hand paint with underglazes and use clear glaze. I make custom decals with my drawings that go as third and final layer.

    A: All the components of my process are things I like doing. I like technicality of mold making, I love drawing that goes either as screen prints or decals. I love delicacy of water colors, which I am able to achieve through underglazes. Carving in clay is super meditative, I love that aspect too. My love of reading help me find appropriate words. Over all it is a love affair....

    A: Oh my god! So, many things. 2020 slowed down things and gave me time to try new things. Like I am learning sanskrit these days, studying Vedic astrology, gardening, being more in nature, all these are opening new windows and sources, which are yet to be tapped. I am buzzing with ideas....but there is no rush, time will reveal them.

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