Bill Jones

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    I'm a potter working in the Piedmont region of North Carolina. My work is the product of my education in a tradition of southern functional pottery and an academic background in architecture & design. I believe a cup can carry the same weight as a painting or sculpture and I make pots because art belongs in our daily lives.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I'm terribly lucky to be able to buy my clay from StarWorks Ceramics in Star, NC where they make clays using mainly local sources. The rest of my materials are all mixed from scratch using simple ingrediants. I work in series - throwing pots on the wheel and decorating them the following day before they're fully dry. They're then glazed and fired to 2232 degrees in my electric kiln.

    A: I make slipware pottery - that is pots that are decorated with liquid clay slip. Working this way allows for an expressive and fresh surface. The small blemishes and marks left by my hands have become part of my aesthetic - I like to show my work.

    A: I listen to a lot of music, drink a lot of coffee and take a lot of walks with my dog, Joey.

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