Biba Schutz

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    I am a NYC studio jeweler and maker. My voice comes from my relationship with materials, craftsmanship, personal space and creative process. Though my materials may vary (sterling, bronze, copper, gold, handmade paper, mica, minerals, diamonds) my voice and my hand are always evident. The integration of ideas and fabrication create mystery and wearability. The stories I tell are mine to share, thank you for participating in the process.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Sterling silver, bronze, copper, steel, hand-made paper, glass, and mica. Purchased from ethical suppliers. All work is hand fabricated from forging to construction and finishing. The only thing I do not do is alloy my own metal. All jewelry in made in my NYC studio.

    A: Keeping myself challenged. Taking a dream, an idea and creating something that will bring joy to another.

    A: It is harder because of coved but I am trying to find joy and challenging my creative process. During covid my favorite thing has been shopping for food, cooking, and making applesauce. Making applesauce seems to bring " the joy of making." into my kitchen... and that s what my jewelry & studio practice is about.

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