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    Color and texture! I indulge in the Japanese philosophy of weaving where there are NO mistakes, only HAPPY accidents. I use my handspun art yarn and the over-dyed, shredded strips I make from repurposed garments along with novelty yarns in my abstract tapestries. Once I select treats from my fiber stash, I sit down at my loom and start to play using my own quirky techniques. I never know what will emerge when a piece declares itself finished and I unroll it from the loom.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: My weaving techniques are unconventional. When starting a new piece, I choose colors and textures of fiber that reach out to me and complement the shredded, over-dyed silk strips I create from repurposed garments along with my hand spun art yarn. Sari silk yarn spun from factory waste by women in co-ops in India, adds vibrancy and texture. My signature techniques add to the distinction of my work, giving each weaving its own energy and personality to draw you, my viewer, in to explore it.

    A: I have always enjoyed experimenting with textiles, but abstract weaving is an adventure in itself. I use textiles in an unconventional way. I shred designer clothing and experiment with fishing line, copper thread, and plastic netting from produce packaging. There is always something new that catches my interest.

    A: My work is always unplanned and unexpected. My travels often inspire my abstract weavings but I never know what a finished piece will look like until I unroll it from my loom. It is the dance between the fibers and my hands as I weave that fascinates me. The treasures that I find when I look at a finished piece will be very different from what you might discover.

    A: I just love to see how the colors and textures meld together to create stories. I also began my journey in weaving at the age of 70. It is the icing on the cake that I have come to a place in my life where I can find joy in sharing my talent with others.

    A: I have to thank Kathleen Keenan for introducing me to the Japanese philosophy of weaving where there are no mistakes, only happy accidents.

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