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    Inspired by the drama of the primal rock landscape of the Southwest and my Zen Buddhist practice, I make sculptures using stones I collect and wrap in natural cane, fusing ancient Japanese basketry knots with contemporary design influenced by the New Mexico. Mainly a painter for the last 3 decades, I began experimenting with Japanese paper and cane 2 years ago and taught myself to weave and wrap rocks. I love making smaller objects to bring nature, simplicity and joy to a larger audience.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I use rocks and natural cane. Many of the rocks I have collected over years in New Mexico, where I live and on my travels. Friends gift me rocks, too. With my painting and drawing background, I am constantly doing drawings for my designs and study Japanese basketry knots and naval knots. I soak the cane and wrap the rocks in my studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico. For some designs, I custom dye the cane. Some days, I quietly fall into a meditative state wrapping rocks. Other days, I am full of energy and bounce between drawing, designing new styles and experimenting with new ideas.

    A: The natural, organic qualities of shape, size and texture of the rocks never cease to amaze and inspire me. Each rock has its very own character, energy and story. The fact that they are infinitely older than we are is humbling and opens up a soulful creative energy for me to work with from the start. Some nights I go to sleep just seeing different rock shapes and forms and wake up excited to begin a day in the studio with the rocks.

    A: A bottomless well of excitement and vision of the endless creative possibilities for my wrapped rocks keeps me inspired. I love that no two rocks are the same, so even recreating the same design creates infinite variety. I envision a huge bowl of just the Black & White Zia design, for example, with the ying-yang of the black and white coils. The process is both meditative and energizing for me, so I never tire of making the wrapped rocks. I've done some commissions using special rocks from client's collections. I also find great nourishment in my connection with my client's and their enthusiasm about my work.

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