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  • About This Artist

    Founded by designer, visual artist, and horologist John Beck McConnico, Bespoke Watch Projects creates limited production mechanical timepieces—each designed and assembled by hand in his Oakland studio. Inspired by horological tradition, driven by collaboration, and fueled by artisan production techniques, the brand has become known for its unique merging of heritage-inspired details and modern design influences, producing timepieces that are functional tool, art piece, and unique heirloom.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: My timepieces incorporate engraved & patinated dials, mechanical watch movements, and handmade leather straps. A background in both fine art and design informs my processes for creating distinctive watches—applying unconventional methods for the creation of key components.

    A: I am passionate about honoring traditional watchmaking techniques while also applying non-traditional methods and external design influences. It is this eclectic approach that inspires my overall creative process.

    A: An ongoing process of experimentation fuels my inspiration. Regardless of how defined a process becomes, I always force myself to try new things and explore. This constant introduction of challenges and "creative sprints" leads me to new (and unexpected) ideas.

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