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    Kristin Schoonover, previously Kristin Benyo, grew up on Long Island, then attended Alfred University where she graduated in 2001 with a BFA in ceramics. Soon after graduating, she relocated to Asheville, NC where she began her pottery business in 2004. Currently, she maintains a studio in Asheville's River Arts District. Her work can be found at Clayspace Co-op in the Wedge Building.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Kristin creates her work by wheel throwing and hand building. Most of the time spent on each piece is in the surface decoration. All of the color is added using thick slips that she creates with colored clay pigments. A background color is painted on, then hand-cut paper stencils are applied with a contrasting colored slip painted on top. All pieces are dipped in a clear glaze and fired to cone 6 in her electric kiln.

    A: There is nothing better than walking out to my home studio in pj's, with a cup of coffee, to unload a kiln. I truly love working for myself, my own schedule, making pieces for people to use.

    A: For years, I created work that was only green and yellow. I rebelled from that with too many colors for me to keep straight. The cobalt blue and dark gray look the same before they are fired. Because of this, I have layered blue on blue. Oh well.

    A: Instagram. Following artists and people from all across the world has showed me so much. It just gives me the drive to keep creating, and to come up with fresh ideas to share!!

    A: There is no one better to ask, than someone that has already navigated through experiences that you need help with. Being a member of a strong arts community, and 2 craft guilds, gives me a community of artists that have done what I am going to do, or will do what I have already done. I appreciate the help, and really enjoy sharing my experiences that could help the next generation of makers.

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