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    Kathleen Scranton is a graduate of the Hartford Art School of the University of Hartford with a BFA. After graduating, Kathleen held various positions in advertising and marketing. Moving on from Advertising, Kathleen has had a long and successful global marketing career with Laticrete International Inc® as Marketing and Creative Director and and Product Marketing Manager for EGS Easy Heat® a division of Emerson Electric®. Kathleen and her husband Dennis are beekeepers in Coventry CT and reside in an 220 year old historic Inn. Kathleen repurposes vintage books into one-of-a-kind book purses.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: After I separate and rebind the original pages, the book spines are triple reinforced and padded for longevity. Leather has been waterproofed; fabric has been treated with Scotchgard® and paper paste downs have been triple coated to prevent water damage. The 100% cotton purse lining is matched to the cover. All linings have been reinforced with fusible interfacing. Shoulder straps, purse handles and vintage buttons were chosen to compliment the lining and graphic qualities of the book cover.

    A: These beautiful books were originally designed to stay around for a very long time. No television or radio when most of these beauties were produced. However, time and technology has taken their toll. Before they are tossed away, recycled or simply forgotten, I find them. I have a dream that someday the person who inscribed their book as a child, will be reunited with that book when they purchase one of my purses.

    A: While the altered book genre has many artists, my work not only save the glorious covers, but by saving the original pages, I am saving memories, important printing techniques such as photogravure, lithography, engravings and more. With your vintage book purse, you will also save more books, as someone invariably stops and asks about your purse.

    A: Books leave a resounding imprint on our psyche, about our innermost feelings, about history and politics and love. Its always amazing to see people have such varying and strong opinions about the very same book. “The Giving Tree” sparks arguments in my booth every show, and yet is one of my best sellers.

    A: When I changed careers during the 2008 crash, my youngest son Christian was extremely worried. He is in the Spectrum and lost his right eye to a self-inflicted accident. He travels with me and inspires me to be my best human. Along the way, he has grown and is socially cognizant of his surrounding, of friendships, of perseverance, which is a breakthrough for any Autistic person.

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