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    Weaving has been in my family for generations. I love crossing the threads and creating unique pieces. Each rug or tapestry is handwoven on a hand-built foot pedal loom. I still carry the passion for weaving that I felt as a kid. Weaving is a reflection of my ancestors, and they speak to me through every traditional design that I create. My current work enables me to bring forth unique new ideas that incorporate contemporary and traditional designs.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Each rug/tapestry is handwoven on a foot pedal loom with a cotton warp and wool yarn. We use natural and aniline dyes ranging from the cochineal bug, indigo, and English walnut.

    A: As the forth generation weaver in my family, my passion for weaving comes from wanting to pass this tradition on to my daughter and son, so that they may become the fifth generation. I think it is important to teach my children this craft because not only does it connect them with their roots, but it also preserves a rapidly fading part of my culture. This is also why I use the traditional materials for weaving, so that it may stay true to the original techniques used for generations.

    A: My family has woven for four generations, however, I have learned to implement my own designs to make my weavings to make them different from what you may see on a traditional piece. And although the style had changed from traditional to contemporary, I still use the same techniques to create each of my pieces.

    A: When I came to Oregon from Oaxaca, Mexico, my weaving designs had been no different from those in my home town. They were traditional and replicable. However, as time passed, I began to take inspiration from the Pacific North West such as its wildlife, and the Bauhaus movement. So, my weaving began to evolve to incorporate these motifs, and moved towards a more contemporary style of weaving, while still retaining traditional designs from my culture.

    A: Whenever I weave, I am putting all of my energy, all of my thoughts, and all of my soul into that weaving. I am creating something that represents both myself and where I come from. Every thread that I cross on the loom is telling a story creativity and labor. So, when a person takes one of my weaving home, they aren't just taking a rug. They are taking a part of my family and tradition with them, and I think that is one of the most wonderful ways of connecting people.

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