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  • About This Artist

    My husband and I make pottery together. When we started dating in 2000, the only way he could hang out with me, was when I was in the studio. He started by helping with photographs, which back then was in the form of developing slides and applying to shows through the mail! Eventually, he started making pottery and we gradually built our business and our lives together. We each have our own style, but always work together to fill out designs and patterns.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: For this collection, we are showcasing Ann's sgraffito work. Each piece is made from porcelain, primarily using the wheel. She then decorates each piece with a form of hand carving, each with a one of a kind design.

    A: Ever since my first class in college, I have been drawn to the raw element of clay. The soft molding for form and then the texture you can create, by manipulating the material at various stages are my favorite part of the process.

    A: Every time I touch the blade to my work, I take a deep breath, because there is always room for error. Although the pattern is clearly visible before the glaze firing, I am always surprised at how different each piece looks when finished.

    A: We have been teaching lessons from our studio and I am always so grateful to see that the community is so vast, from professionals to novice.

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