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    Growing up in a small traditional jewelry shop in China, my interest in jewelry started at an early age. To pursue my dream, I moved to the United States to study and developed a bench practice that explored contemporary concepts supported by traditional techniques. After receiving an MFA degree from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2009, I became a full-time practice in jewelry. Through the years, I am exploring the use of fine wire to capture inspiration in gold and platinum.

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    A: Inspired by nature and its beautiful forms, I use extremely fine gauge wire of high karat gold and platinum to bring my designs to life. Whether it be a raindrop gliding down a leaf or a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis, vine-like wire work becomes a three-dimensional line drawing that captures transitory moments to preserve them in jewelry. The subjective relationship between my work and the body is part of this dichotomy, and jewelry is the medium to present my perspective to the wearer.

    A: Working with commission jewelry to create something very specific for each client plays a significant part in my jewelry practice. I love to read each inquiry and take the time to walk clients through the design process. We are individual, unique people - so too is our jewelry. Whether it is a special gift for a wedding anniversary, or birthday, jewelry carries our personal stories, memory, and identity. Each commission piece has its own behind-the-scenes story, which makes me love what I do.

    A: Through the years, I has refined my signature use of fine gauge wire to capture my inspiration in high karat gold and platinum. The intricate works at first seem fragile, but my skill and patience creates jewelry that is wearable and strong. Capturing a transitory moment in a graceful jewel, her approach to making allows the wearer to experience the beauty of nature forever.

    A: Working on my craft is sort of like art therapy for me. The healing power of wonder keeps my hands, heart, and mind busy during uncertain or stressful times.

    A: There are many people in my life who inspired my work and help me shape my jewelry practice. The experience of learning jewelry making at Savannah College of Art and Design is particularly important for me. The program shaped my mind of what craft could be.

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