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    avalove is a poet an artist who makes clothing one poem, one metaphor at a time.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Poetry inspires the metaphor of the visual images so often the shirts tell stories. Like a drawing in a journal. Or a photograph in a photo album. Marks some kind of place in time mapped out by image.

    A: People! I'm inspired by all of my awesome supporters who keep buying avalove to support my dream. Seeing everyone's happy faces really keeps me inspired to keep going!

    A: I have my Masters in poetry and studied sculpture and no background in fashion! avalove is truly an artist project!

    A: avalove designs are not about fashion, it's about art. It's about consciousness. It's about living and being your dream. it's about being the creation and the creator.

    avalove believes in buying handmade. Buying with consciousness and promoting business with consciousness that is sweat-shop free, positive, happy, earth friendly environment-but also, supports someone's dream, and helps keep things person to person and personal. Handmade gear is a part of living the dream: the artist dreams when they make their work, and you buying it, helps support them to live their dream, and you then become a part of that dream, and add to it. It's a wonderful give and take. Each piece then means much more when the value and magic of the work is understood in this way.

    A: The people who buy and wear avalove are my greatest inspiration!

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