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  • About This Artist

    Authentically Cherokee is a collective of Eastern Band of Cherokee artists located on and around the Qualla Boundary in Western North Carolina who work to preserve Cherokee culture in a contemporary way. Their work consists of a variety of mediums.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Authentically Cherokee artists apply traditional designs and cultural images to modern substrates and materials, melding centuries-old meaning with modern-day relevance. Most work is made as it has been for centuries, the process handed down through families. There are new techniques that are incorporated and the pieces have evolved over time but the connection to the past is still present in each piece.

    A: Authentically Cherokee artists work in a variety of mediums. Many like basket making and pottery are centuries old and provide a connection between the past and present. Most materials are sourced from the natural environment attaching a sense of place to the piece that is very important in Cherokee culture.

    A: Indigenous people have varied art forms depending on where and how they live, the resources available to them and their legends and stories. Authentically Cherokee showcases the art of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. It represents a living culture.

    A: Most EBCI artists draw inspiration from their natural environment. Whether it's a stream or river, a particular mountain spot, or their own backyard.

    A: By honoring indigenous tradition through our own modern artistic perspectives, Authentically Cherokee artists serve as important culture carriers in the community. The result of this unique vision is an embrace of the past with an eye toward the future, and an opportunity to bring authentic Native American culture to new generations to be honored and appreciated.

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