Art in Texture

Art in Texture

About The Artist

Robin Przybysz • Las Cruces, NM

I am a Contemporary Craft Artist. My work stems from a personal narrative and engages conversation about the feminine: the experiences of womanhood and transformation embodied by the female form. My studio practice consists of wrapping, coiling, and stitching my materials into a continuous line contour of sculptural forms. My development of transforming the medium is a meditative, ceremonial, and flowing state of motion.


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Q&A with the Artist

Tell us how your work is made.

My studio practice consists of twisting, stitching, wrapping, coiling, drilling, cutting, chiseling, and burning. These are skills I perform while crafting my sculptural bodies of art. The natural, fibrous materials I choose such as cotton, linen, jute, wood, and paper offer me a sensual, sensorial feel in my hands that become an extension of the gestures of my body. The designs I create in my artworks whether burned, stitched, drawn, coiled or constructed into three dimensional sculptures become a symbolic language for me. My symbols become unconscious patterns of movement and communication.

What makes you passionate about the medium you work with?

I’ve been teaching art for over three decades now, and will hopefully retire from the classroom in the next five years. I wanted to be able to move from teaching to my own business in a smooth transition I have always been drawn to the tactile arts. That is how I came up with my business name Art in Texture. It’s the actual touch as much as the sight of the creation that brings me joy. I love creating, and enjoy sharing my designs with others in a tangible way.

What is something unique about you or your practice?

Currently, I focus on my wearable art and my wood interactives. My wearable art came into existence when I collaborated with a team from San Diego Visual Network on a project Art Meets Fashion in 2011. There were eleven groups of four: artist, fashion designer, educator, and documenter. I happened to be the educator of my team, but was asked to create all the accessories for my group’s fashion line. I created handbags, headwear, shoes, and jewelry. It was out of the box for me, but I fell in love with creating wearable pieces of art. I have narrowed down my accessory line to couture, one of a kind, hand crafted, artisan handbags. I use a coiling method that is an ancient form of basketry. I wanted the function of the basket to cross over to fashion. I’ve had the opportunity for my handbags to go to fashion weeks in London, and Oregon, and have had commissions range from fashion designers to private clients.