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    I've always loved working with my hands, after taking a ceramics class, I realized clay was what I was missing. A year and a half later I was pursuing an M.F.A. at the Rochester Institute of Technology. That's how I came to clay, but I've always been drawn to craft, to the handcrafted, and to the pace of making. The act of making is vital and energizing for me, it drowns out unnecessary noise and brings together communities of makers that can find commonality in the value of being a maker.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: New Zealand Porcelain, ceramic stains, mica flakes. From standard ceramic suppliers. I mix my own clay, roll the clay out into 1/8" slabs, handroll that to about half that, apply ceramic stains to the slab by hand, impress the stains into the clay using my hands, a wooden dowel or a soft plastic rib.

    A: I'm not sure I chose it, more like it chose me. I've worked in photography, glass, and textiles but none of them captivate me the way clay does.

    A: Lately, I've been most interested in quality of light in the natural world, the difference in that quality between a sunrise over the ocean, in the woods, in the rain, during different seasons, etc..Sunset, night skies, light filtering through trees in the woods or on a country road.

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