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  • About This Artist

    Anna Monet handcrafts each piece in San Francisco using plant-based dyes and natural horsehair ethically collected by the Caddo Nation of Southeastern United States. Every unique piece is made with love and hope that it will go beyond just jewelry. It is meant to spark conversations about sustainability and great design as inseparable standards. These pieces will become talismans of protection and prized possessions in celebration of each woman as an exemplary expression of nature's beauty.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: My work has been called a study in skilled juxtaposition: the strength of silver and golden brass combined with reclaimed horsehair's softness dipped in natural color. My collections convey an earthy yet vibrant spectrum of colors created using natural dyes that range from rose petals, Himalayan salt, redwood bark, turmeric, indigo - with ever-evolving shades and ingredients. I intentionally incorporate biodegradable materials used in ancient times, such as horsehair purchased from Native American traders and hand-mixed, all-natural dyes sourced locally when possible.

    A: Horsehair, collected by members of the Caddo Nation, is a prominent element in my jewelry, symbolic of the powerful, liberating spirit of the natural world. I am passionate about my work as an exploration of innovative design that also celebrates traditional craft and the symbolism of our human connection to the earth.

    A: Women are my inspiration. Seeing women wear my pieces and have my clients reach out to me to express how beautiful and powerful they feel while wearing my work is what is keeping me going. I am forever nourished with plants, whether it is to experiment and create colors that delight the eye and inspire the mind, brew an herbal tea, or meditate with a flower essence - plants are my teachers and muses.

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