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  • About This Artist

    Anna Monet handcrafts each piece using plant-based dyes and natural horsehair ethically collected by the members of Caddo Nation of the Southeastern United States. Every unique piece is made with love and the hope that it will go beyond just jewelry. It is meant to spark conversations about sustainability and great design as inseparable standards. These pieces will become talismans of protection and prized possessions in celebration of each woman as an exemplary expression of nature's beauty.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: My work has been called a study of skilled juxtaposition. Central themes in my jewelry are reclaimed horsehair and natural dyes. Horsehair is ethically gathered by the members of the Caddo Nation. After I receive raw horsehair, I bind and hand dye it with organic botanical dyes. I use flowers, roots, and spices such as rose petals, Himalayan salt, Indigo, and Madder root. My goals with each piece are to create modern heirlooms that collaborate with nature and engage with ancient skills.

    A: I work with metal, ethically sourced horsehair, and natural dyes. To me, these materials communicate our deeply rooted connection to nature and ancient skills. I love working with these materials because I feel that my jewelry can start meaningful conversations. I hope to inspire other business owners and continue the conversation about sustainability with my community.

    A: Horsehair found in my work is a byproduct of work by Native Artisans. The Caddo Nation I work with takes care of the horses, gives them haircuts, they are called to work with horses. They believe no part of the animal should ever be wasted, and I agree! I receive the horsehair after it's been thoroughly cleaned and ready for its new life as a part of a beautiful piece of jewelry. I then bind it, dye it and set it in metal to create a piece of wearable art.

    A: Here is California, I find inspiration everywhere I look. I love ACC magazine and shows to discover new and exciting artists. In terms of a place that inspires me, I am in love with The Sea Ranch on the California coast. This place features nature untamed – ocean vistas, pristine bluffs, dramatic landscapes, abundant wildlife. This sublime natural setting melds with man’s mindful efforts to live lightly on the land.

    A: Collaboration and connection with other artists have always been at the core of Anna Monet Jewelry. I love learning about and exploring different artistic visions to dream bigger and feel a part of a complex web of human creativity. I remember walking through live shows pre-pandemic and connecting with other artists from all over the world - something that makes me feel truly alive. As a stylist in my past career, I love to create visual stories with other artists. Please always reach out!

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