Ann Klem Reflections

  • About This Artist

    Inspired by science fiction, black holes and nature's processes, Ann Klem’s creations start with an idea and a design. Then comes the cut, cast, fold, grind, polish. These steps give her a chance to explore the fluid forms of glass and how colors react with each other. In addition to the kilns, she employs a variety of grinding and cutting tools that use air and electric power and, of course, water. While making lots of sludge, beautiful sparkling and matte finish creations emerge.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Often beginning by creating the "block of glass" either in the kiln or by laminating pieces together, I cold-work the block to create the final sculpture. Other pieces are created by casting the glass in the kiln and allowing the glass to flow into a plaster mold. Folding glass is accomplished with multiple kiln firings and sandblastings to a single sheet of glass.

    A: Glass has a mind of its own, but I love its translucency and ability to transmit light. It can also be smoothly matte finished, begging you to touch it. Since I’m addicted to color, glass provides the perfect medium. Now, if I can just get it under control!

    A: I escaped from the corporate work a few years ago. Now I'm a tool junkie and glass whore, grandmother, and race car driver. And I admit to 3 addictions: glass, color, and ice cream.

    A: When you open the lid after a kiln firing, the wonder of glass combinations and new shapes delights me and pushes me to keep creating.

    A: Stanislav Libenský and Jaroslava Brychtová are world-renown Czech artists who created some of the defining cast glass sculptures and architectural installations of the 20th century. For over 50 years in a life and artistic partnership, they explored the optical and physical aspects of glass to develop a body of work concerning form, light and color. Their sculptural legacy ranges from luminous geometry to spiritual figuration.