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  • About This Artist

    Made by the two hands of one artisan, each piece is brought to life with premium Italian leathers and are lined in suede leather, harkening back to the way fine leather goods were once made, and honoring traditional leather working techniques. With 360º involvement in every piece, Angela builds each piece from start to finish. Every creation is designed, all patterns are made and all leathers are hand selected by her. Those same two hands cut, sew, assemble and hand finish each piece.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I make every piece myself by hand. I use a combination of traditional leather working tools and modern machinery to bring each bag to life. I design every piece, hand select each skin, hand cut, sew and assemble and finish each piece one by one.

    A: I've worked with leather for 2 decades. I was a shoe designer in the US and Italy for 15 yrs, and later studied to handbag making. I love working with leather because it awakens our sense of sight, feel and smell. It's a nostalgic fiber that reminds us fond memories. I am so touched when one of my pieces has that effect on someone. To me leather is very much alive given the way it stretches, molds and ages over time. I feel the animal is given new life, through the creation of a new design.

    A: I love color metallics and prints! I try to offer a collection of colors and prints that harmonize with todays trends, bring joy to my clients and can be carried for years to come. But most importantly, I strive to make pieces that cannot be found anywhere else in the world - only from me!

    A: It is where I have been that has formed me. I travelled to Florence for work. In my spare time, I wondered the streets Oltre Arno visiting artisan shops. I felt the energy in these century old streets and felt very much at home. Those memories still come to mind. I see myself working and selling my bags in a tiny bottega, about the size of closet. Italy brought the artist out in me, and taught me that I was an artigiana. I always ask myself if I am honoring what the masters taught me.

    A: Artists are in a special club that the rest of the world only wishes they could join! :o) The one thing I love about the artist community is that we stick together, we help each other and cheer each other on. That is the true definition of community which is almost nonexistent in society. When I meet artist anywhere in the world, I immediately want to support them. I am them and they are me. We have an immediate kinship, understanding and mutual respect... all because of what we do ... ART!

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