Andrew Sartorius

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  • About This Artist

    Andrew began to study ceramics while living in rural Japan for four years. He moved New York to complete a wood firing apprenticeship with the internationally known ceramic artist, Jeff Shapiro. Andrew received his MFA in ceramics from SUNY New Paltz, and now lives and works in Germantown, NY where he leads wood fire workshops, and continues to make his work. He digs clay from his family land in West Virginia to create pots that share his history and narrative. His craft helps share his story.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I use high fire stoneware clay that I dig from my grandparent's land in rural West Virginia. Working with it keeps me connected to my family and roots even though I live and work in up state New York. I use wood and soda firing methods to create dynamic surfaces from the raw materials I harvest. I create pots for everyday ceremony that foster investigation.

    A: Clay is intimately responsive and a grounding to my home. In my family, the whole family gathered together every Sunday for dinner. Food was love, and the vessels, tableware, and ceremonial objects I make are the best way I can spread that message of love and nurturing beyond my family.

    A: Revisiting slab building and working with new wooden paddles has been particularly exciting recently. Also thinking about specific forms that were not previously in my range.

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