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    I love being a ceramic artist. Using my hands as a tool enriches my soul and calms my mind. I work primarily with the wheel but enjoy hand-building as well. Embossing is my primary decoration technique, and now I'm experimenting with underglaze decorations. I make functional pieces because I find it enriches people's daily lives when they access beautiful, functional craftwork as tools in their homes. I strive for function with artistic aesthetics, and my favorite material is porcelain.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I mostly use English porcelain because of durability and beauty, and occasionally I use domestic porcelain or stoneware. I buy all my materials from clay stores. I either wheel throw or hand-build all pieces.

    A: The transformation of a simple ball of clay into something functional and beautiful fascinates me. Every piece is particular in its unique way.

    A: Creating is a way to escape the hard reality of the times we're living in right now. Going to the studio every day keeps my brain sharp and my heart at ease.

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