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    I found my true love for ceramics the first time I transformed clay into something tangible. Since then, I've been experimenting with a variety of techniques. My primary goal is to fuse functionality and art. Textures play an essential role in my work.

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    A: Although the pottery wheel is the primary tool, hand-building with slabs and coils plays an important role in my studio. Embossing is my primary decoration technique, and now I've been experimenting with underglazes decorations. After the bisque fire, each piece is individually glazed and fired once again at a high temperature to ensure that all pots are food-safe.

    A: We both have a deep love and respect for Art, Jewelry and Crafts, and their histories, and a drive to explore materials and reinterpret, deconstruct and reincorporate found objects into our fabricated creations. The search for fascinating found objects that we both relate to informs and edits our mutual decisions about what we make and how it gets made.

    A: One thing that isn't necessarily apparent in my work is all my pieces are handmade one at a time. I don't use any mold or slipcasing. Each piece I make is truly one of a kind. In contrast to traditional pottery, my pieces are very lightweight.

    A: The wonder of transforming a shapeless mass into something tangible and beautiful makes me go to my studio every day with renovated enthusiasm.

    A: The beauty about pottery is that it is a community. There are a lot of people who I admire and have influenced my artistic practice.

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