Amy Gillespie


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Meet the Artist

  • About This Artist

    My felt wall pieces are colorful, sculptural reflections of my world. I"m inspired by the landscape here on Cape Cod as well as my gorgeous, glowing flower garden.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I use wet and needle felting techniques to make the felt I use for my compositions. I also do most of the woodworking associated with my work.

    A: I love color and texture as well as processes that are time-consuming.

    A: The felt is fairly hard to the touch as I spray the completed work with a UV varnish to protect it.

    A: As all of my work is comprised of crass sections of felt, my favorite part is that first cut to see what the pattern inside actually looks like.

    A: My parents encouraged me to follow my passion. I was gifted in art as a young child and I was lucky to have parents who allowed me to take the types of classes I wanted and not push me away from my natural tendencies.

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