Amara Hark-Weber

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  • About This Artist

    I am a shoemaker, using traditional handbuilding techniques to make modern bespoke footwear. As a maker, I build unique custom fit shoes for clients. As a craftsman, I am engaged with the historical precedent of my craft and my peers, always working to expand and deepen my practice. Shoemaking, known as the gentle craft, is seldom practiced in the US. As one of a small handful of independent professional shoemakers, I strive to bring beauty and fit into our everyday lives, one pair at a time.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: The shoes are made entirely of leather, with the addition of a steel shank, cork and thread. The leather comes from tanneries in the US, UK, France, Italy and Germany. It is the same leathers used by hand shoemakers around the world. I choose tanneries that have high environmental standards as well as that produce beautiful and durable leathers. The typical process for making custom shoes is highly collaborative with the client, but for the Baltimore Craft Show, I created a small line of footwear and accessories that will not be reproduced after the show.

    A: Building handmade shoes is the most challenging occupation that I have had or could imagine. The struggle for excellence is what keeps me at it, as the goalposts are always moving. I also believe that handmade footwear is beautiful to look at and wear, and the world could use a little more beauty and comfort.

    A: I love the process of making shoes -- it is so complex, rich, challenging, and rewarding. It is known as the gentle craft, and I take that name to heart. Because of the length of the process and the variance in terms of design, shape, and construction, each pair is a 3-D puzzle that I am creating and solving simultaneously.

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