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    I’m a former high school art teacher turned independent fine jewelry designer & metalsmith. My work is inspired by contrasts in nature between texture & clean shapes, hard & soft, and old vs. new. I describe my work as Ancient Chic. Ancient for its raw qualities and Chic for its sophisticated charm. Each piece is individually handcrafted by me using a variety of traditional & old-world techniques. My collection consists of daintier 18K gold designs and chunkier statement pieces in vermeil.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: In the studio, a combination of lost wax casting and fabrication is utilized to create my work. I love using lost wax casting for many reasons. It’s an old-world technique dating back to over 5700 years ago and an art in itself. The wax is malleable and allows me to manipulate surfaces in order to achieve the textures I desire. Other details of my work are individually hand fabricated by cutting sheet metal, forging wire, soldering prongs, jump rings and bezels, etc.

    A: The process distinguishes my work. My work is not machine-made perfect and I believe there is great beauty in that. Behind each piece there is careful consideration, intention, time, honesty, and soul. I stand for the slow made item that is worked by hand from start to finish. I celebrate the Maker’s mark and the play in artistic exploration. Because each piece is individually handcrafted, no two are ever precisely the same.

    A: I grew up in Lycoming County Pennsylvania. In addition to a B.S. in Art Education, I earned a B.F.A. in Fine Metals from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania in 2008. I currently work and resides in the suburbs outside of Washington, DC where I enjoy spending free time with my husband Adam and two rescue kitties, Henry Aaron and Harper Lee.

    A: Wonder plays a huge role in everything I create. The experience of flow while in the zone of creating isn't quite like anything else I've experienced. I take great pleasure in allowing my thoughts and inspirations to flow out through my fingertips as I create. I often say how fortunate I am to get to play for a living. The act of designing and creating is just that, play, and it's simply euphoric and fun.

    A: I have been inspired by many throughout my life starting from the people in my family who encouraged play and creativity, to my art teachers and professors, and all of my fellow artists. There isn't really one specific person I can name.

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