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    a handmade ceramic fruit bowl received as a wedding gift 26 years ago began my early obsession with pottery. i have learned from some remarkable potters and ceramic artists through workshops, classes and apprenticeships to whom i'm grateful. i'm drawn to making tableware because of the possibility of integrating grace, beauty and conscious appreciation into the everyday. through simple, elegant design i strive to transform the ubiquitous houseware into a useful, yet compelling home essential.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Stoneware clay fired to 2167 degrees F; Materials bought at ceramic supply store; Each piece is made individually from a ball of clay thrown on the potter's wheel then fired in a kiln twice to get to the finished product.

    A: working with clay is like being the student of a sage: it teaches you humility and perseverance; temperance, in knowing when to apply pressure and when to release. it keeps you grounded, connected to people and the earth, making you appreciate the beauty and grandeur of the seemingly simple and insignificant.

    A: prayer and an increasing appreciation of my gifts and how my work functions in people's living

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