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    Alexis Pavlantos grew up in the mineral heartlands of Tijeras, New Mexico. The daughter of a gemologist and goldsmith, at a young age she was immersed in jewelry and rock culture. With this acquired and hereditary passion for creating, she continued her studies at University of New Mexico, where she obtained her BFA in sculpture. After graduation she moved to the Bay Area to pursue a career in the arts. With limited space to create and a background of metalsmithing attained by childhood knowledge of her mothers practice, Alexis decided to combine the two worlds making wearable-art.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Alexis Pavlantos is the creator of metal, wearable-art objects. She meticulously sculpts all her pieces in wax and then cast them into semi/precious metals. Upon casting she hand fabricates them using metal-smithing technics such as soldering and fusing.

    A: The passion Alexis feels within her medium is deeply rooted in her process. Alexis constantly reminds herself that each type of wax is just like a person, they all have unique personalities and characteristics. Soft wax for example moves easily like clay and can be shaped with minimal effort whereas hard wax is more rigid and brittle. Passion comes to play for Alexis when the correct amount of care can be taken to work with each type of wax by listening to how it likes to move.

    A: Alexis is known for her ability to create lightweight yet substantial pieces using hollow forms construction in her work. Her work packs a punch with their large presence, yet always surprise the wearer with their extreme comfort and wearability. Most viewers and collectors of Alexis' work marvel at the fact that everything is hand carved enamored with the extreme attention to detail carved into each piece.

    A: Alexis loves to bring the process of "play" to her work through materiality of wax and clay. She is constantly experimenting and playing with material to test its limits and finding new ways which she can move, carve and create with it.

    A: There is not just one person who inspires Alexis, but a group of artists and communities in New Mexico. Each person has their own voice using a diverse array of matter. The following artist have shaped Alexis and her practice in a substantial way. Ali Baudoin who creates colossal sculptures, Laverne Harper who paints unique perspectives, Susan Wing with in limitless exploration using mixed materials, Mark Wing who’s craftsmanship with Model T cars and unique ability to fix and repair old things to give them new life, Megan Baldridge who weaves fabric and words, and of course her mother Kiki Pavlantos who seems to have the ability to turn anything she touches to a piece of art from the kitchen all the way to her studio.

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