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    Concept + Adornment = Jewelry. An idea starts the design process, but the sensual pleasure of owning and wearing a desirable object is the result. The challenge is to satisfy the intellectual and the sensual for both wearer and the maker. This exchange is the heart of my practice. Nothing pleases me more than someone loving the idea of paper earrings, a rubber necklace, or a poly pendant. I've worked as an art director, illustrator and graphic designer; disciplines that inform my jewelry design.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I use different kinds of papers, such as polypropylene, non woven polyester, and hand printed papers for my line of paper jewelry. I print these papers myself on an etching press. I also sometimes use an inkjet printer and I hand paint paper too. The papers are durable and waterproof, I use a washable paper (cellulose and synthetic latex), and non woven polyester. I also have a line of epoxy resin jewelry and one featuring silicone rubber combined with silver. My metal of choice is sterling silver. I use recycled silver whenever possible.

    A: I'm a graphic designer and printmaker - obviously I love paper! I do like experimenting with new and different materials.

    A: I'm designing custom cut and printed boxes for each piece. Maybe displays too. Stay tuned. Also, working in a few different media always keeps the boredom at bay. Often writing about what you want to do next can be insightful.

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