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    After a 35 year career in higher education I have transformed into a full-time potter. Since then I have taken 80+ workshops, experimented with different techniques, forms and methods and developed my own style. My forms are hand built and textured mainly in white stoneware. My vessels reflect a contemporary, minimalist sensibility while evoking ties to the ancient. I favor stains to highlight the textures on the surface eschewing glaze so that the form is not overpowered on the surface.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I hand build with white stoneware and porcelain favoring stains to highlight the textures on the surface. Bright glazes are used as a ""surprise"" contrast on the inside of the vessels. I incorporate textures and create stamps that reflect my family and cultural background. Also I employ symbols from the Near East that resonate with me.

    A: Archaeology, anthropology and the primitive have always fascinated me. Working with clay has brought all that to me.

    A: I am a first generation American-Armenian. The textures and designs are evocative of my background and heritage. I create with clay what my female ancestors created with cloth.

    A: Books, websites and art of the ancient always inspire me to create more.

    A: While traveling in Bulgaria I participated in an impromptu narration of a potter working on a wheel who did not speak English for an English speaking audience. This brought an understanding to the viewers and created a bond between crafts-person and watchers.

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